Imagine the excitement and sophistication of the “Big Apple,” New York City. The spectacular autumns of a quaint New England village; the bustle of university life in historic Boston. The gracious and warm hospitality of the Old South; Florida’s sub-tropical gentle breezes. The Midwest heartland with its beautiful lakes, forests and gently rolling hills. America’s “Wild West” stretching from the rugged Rocky Mountains to the wide open spaces of Texas ranch country. California where the stars glitter from the beaches of Malibu, the cable cars of San Francisco or the hills of Hollywood. The US offers a great deal of diversity, providing students an exciting variety of experiences. Exchange programs are placed in all areas of the United States! We feel that the cultural exchange program is an important service to provide. Together, the students will form a bond that will result in a greater understanding among people throughout the world. It is a program that creates lasting ties, promoting peace throughout our global community. Find out your most-suitable program today!