In Amatra we believe that travel provides some of the best learning experiences available, educational travel helps students connect learning with life experience. Our educational, cultural and curriculum based programmes offer some of the most interactive and dynamic ways to bring your classroom lessons to life. So whether your group’s primary objective is education, or if the programme is to be a stimulating mix of education, culture and fun, we have a wealth of ideas to share with you and will tailor make the programmes to meet your specific requirements and also experience hands on learning and lasting cultural-connections for students.

Our most popular programmes include educational disciplines including Art, History, Science, Literature, Languages, English, Drama and Performing Arts. Each member of our programme team specialises in a core subject area allowing them understand exactly what is needed to meet your learning objectives and throw in that bit of fun at the same time.

Japan Exchange Program

A student exchange program in Japan is a truly rich and meaningful experience. Find out more on how to become a part of this exchange program in Japan today!

USA Exchange Program

The US offers a great deal of diversity, providing students an exciting variety of experiences. Exchange programs are placed in all areas of the United States!

Poland Exchange Program

Immerse yourself in the cultural hub of Europe, Poland. A massive country in eastern Europe, it offers much to those who venture beyond the continent’s more traditional touristic destinations.

China Exchange Program

With cultural activities and excursions organized outside the classroom, you’ll get to know many aspects of the chinese life while on a student exchange program in china

NASA Program

Students, educators and faculty can now explore and experience unique space and aeronautics content through NASA’s education opportunities with carefully designed programs with Amatra.

South Korea Exchange Program

Through this program, the indian delegations will be provided with opportunities to access and experience the Korean economic development experience as well as agricultural knowledge.


All our youth programs inclusive of...

Visa Services





Guided Tours

How does this benefit the students?

  •  Inter-Cultural Experience
  • Fuelled by necessity to confront challenges outside the comfort zone
  • Certification from foreign schools
  • Certification from the home school
  • Self Development, Self-confidence, Self- Esteem boosted

How does this benefit the schools?

  • Exposure and Growth of the Institution
  • Comfortable adaption to a foreign culture
  • Certification from the foreign school
  • Open up arenas for cultural mixing
  • Chance to represent the Indian culture overseas

How we work with schools?

A Guide To The Perfect Truly Educational School Trip With Amatra